About Worldcast.tv

Worldcast.tv  is a privately held technology company that has developed a platform that provides a very efficient and scalable method for Internet steaming distribution. Worldcast’s unique SMART software solution adds enhanced security, reliability, quality, and statistical accountability to legacy Multipoint Internet transmissions. It is also far more cost effective to operate and is easily implemented using existing infrastructures.

World Multicast, Inc. (WMI) dba Worldcast.tv www.worldmulticast.com

Founding Members

Ian Stewart
Ian is a futurist and the holder of five U.S. patents surrounding a Secure, Reliable, and Accountable Multipoint Transport. This disruptive technology enables large-scale transmission(s) on Public Infrastructure while simultaneously accommodating industry needs for reliability, accountability and security. Ian had been involved in making the Internet better by serving as chair of the research project to create a “Discovery Protocol for the Directory of Persistent Objects” (DP-DPO). The DP-DPO had accomplished members Vinton Cerf, Paul Vixie and Dr. Kevin Almeroth.

An Internet pioneer, David Cheriton, created the first Multipoint Internet Transport, “IP Multicast,” which was then championed at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) by Stephen Deering, who was later joined by Dino Farinacci (MSDP), and Deborah Estrin (PIM).  Their work created a foundation for point-to-multipoint Internet transmissions IP Multicast (PIM-SM/MSDP).

As the CTO of Worldcast.tv, Ian has expanded the usefulness of these Internet pioneers’ original work by creating an Internet protocol “SMARTcast” that will render any point-to-multipoint IP transmission (again) secure, reliable and accountable. This invention makes Multicast Internet technology (or any multipoint transmissions, such as Software Defined Routing) universally applicable, and supportive of the current broadcast business models and/or future persistent data models.

Brian Billadeau
Brian has extensive experience in C/C++ programming and networking. As well an expansive knowledge in video streaming technologies such as Windows Media, h.264, and HTTP Live Streaming. Brian developed the proprietary Video/Media Encoding software that is used in Worldcast.tv technology. Brian graduated Magna Cum Laude in Computer Science and Mathematics from the University of Minnesota, Mankato.

Greg Tennant 
Greg has over 25 years of leadership and management experience in sales and operations in the high-tech, financial services, and banking industries. In 2008, he joined the Worldcast management team. Prior to that, Greg was with JPMorgan Chase as a Senior Loan Officer. Greg was also a Banker at Bank of America, earning top producer awards and was a Gold Club member; his last position at BofA was AVP, Banking Center Manager. He held the position of Regional Loan Production Manager for Downey Savings, opening three real estate loan offices in Northern California. Greg’s other experience in the technology sector included the sales of Cisco Systems networking hardware and services for Planetary Networks, as well as his position as Direct Channel Sales Manager of software sales for Passport Designs.

David Danford 
David has many years of experience in graphic design, advertising and marketing, and has worked with a broad range of consumer package goods, high-tech and service companies. Before his involvement with Worldcast.tv, David was a senior partner at Danford.Madison.Sproul, and is the founder and President of Ram Design Group. David earned his BS degree at Southern Oregon University and completed his postgraduate studies at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.


Ken Hardesty
Ken is an international technology CEO & COO with a dynamic professional career in both private and public companies. During his career, he has lived and worked in the U.S., Asia, India, and Europe, working with governments, accessing capital markets, and building shareholder value and confidence. As CEO, he has directly established sales in global audiences and operations from startup to over 7,000 employees. Ken was a Senior Vice President of Corporate Development for Seagate Corporation, COO and Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations for SyQuest Technology, CEO of Casino Data Systems, President of Communications Systems International, and Founder & CEO of Disc Materials Technology (acquired by Komag), as well as Chairman of Rossi Hardesty Financial. He was founder/CEO of Data Magnetics Corporation/Atlas Industries, a company he took public in 1987. Ken specializes in manufacturing, software, technology, medical device and wireless companies, with the objective of maximizing enterprise value.

Capt. Joseph Jones (USCG Ret.)
During his 30+ year career in the government sector, Capt. Jones acquired extensive diplomatic and international experience. He held the position of Commander of three U.S. Coast Guard Cutters, served as a USCG Officer, and was a Senior Officer for the Department of Transportation and Homeland Security. Since retiring from the USCG in 2004 and transitioning into the private sector, Capt. Jones has served as a Senior Market Manager for the Battelle Memorial Institute and as VP for Maritime and Port Security. He holds a BS from the USCG Academy, an MBA from Yale University, and an MA from the U.S. Naval War College. Capt. Jones is the first African American to command a modern USCG High Endurance Cutter since the service was established in 1790, and is the holder of meritorious medals and distinguished awards. He is fluent in the Spanish language.

Claudia Johnson
Claudia has vast experience in Public Sector and Commercial leadership.  She returned to Oracle in 2014 and is currently responsible for the Federal Consulting Sales to both DoD and Civilian.   Previously with Bearing Point, Microsoft, NetApp and VP of Sales at Xerox Business Services.  Involved in several entrepreneurial and early stage companies, Claudia was COO, CEO, and investing founder for three start-ups. Over the course of her tenure at Oracle, her teams generated over $800M in revenue.  Claudia was the first senior leader to win the Public Sector Leadership 2000 award. She is involved in several non-profits.  Claudia was past President of Empowher Institute, the mission being to keep at-risk girls in school and to also introduce them to STEM, science, technology, engineering, and math. Claudia is a graduate of University of California, Los Angeles. 

Mark Nelson
Mark is a highly accomplished, roll-up-the-sleeves professional. He has
maintained a successful track record in corporate communications, developing strategies and meeting objectives that enhance company
brands, differentiate market positions and grow sales through positive
visibility. His authentic, relentless and creative approach in varying roles — solo consultant, team leader, practitioner — blankets most every function of PR, Corporate and Marketing Communications. Mark’s personal experience includes working with such enterprises as Cisco, Seagate Technology, McAfee/Intel, Savi Group, Lockheed Martin, Chevron, Con-Way (formerly CNF Transportation), IDENTEC Solutions, Apprion, Arzoon, A+R Partners and Spectrum Marketing. His foundational experience was firmly established during his tenure as a journalist with the Pulitzer-prize winning San Jose Mercury News.