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Worldcast’s patented and productized SMART technology is the first (and currently only) platform that fixes all-the-holes in the current multipoint Internet transmission models. SMART makes the multipoint Internet indispensable by adding layers of security, reliability and bi-directionality at the transit, routing, or application levels.  Its an elegant software (protocol) solution that makes scaled distributions radically less expensive to operate, much easier to implement and maintain, as compared to point-to-point systems. With SMART, any type of data needing large-scale distribution can be much more efficiently transmitted over existing infrastructures. Previously impossible, SMART allows system operators to simultaneously send one Internet signal to millions, while improving security, reliability, and accountability compared to less efficient and higher cost point-to-point systems.  Simply put, SMART produces radically reduced operating costs and exponentially lower capital expenditures. This translates to dramatically increased returns-on-investment (ROI) with significantly higher overall reliability and performance.

Illustration of Licensable Vertical Business Units wants to partner to allow your company to leverage SMART for capitalization and successful operation. Following are some examples of Licensable Business Units (LBU’s):

[Your business name here] has emerged as one of Worldcast’s vertical business units, bringing an entirely new multipoint communications model to millions of business Internet users. The intent of [your business name] is to help replace current legacy Internet transport technology with a far better architecture; the company will integrate its planning with the ultimate goal of increased valuation and strategic exit to optimize opportunity, conserve capital expense, and remain flexible in a changing marketplace.

The objective of [your business name] is to market business to business television and digital signage services, and to license SMART (Secure Multipoint for Advanced Repeating of Telecommunications) technology to system operators, both cable and telco. To realize this goal, [your business name] will capitalize on various opportunities to integrate the SMART software platform into our focused business categories within our targeted telecommunications segments.

[Your business name] believes the multiple system operators in the telecommunications and cable industries have the most urgent need for Worldcast’s SMART technology. They can reap considerable benefit by modernizing their systems without substantial upgrading of infrastructure. In order to stay competitive and meet growing consumer and technological demands, system operators will need to employ a more efficient data delivery system to address the problems associated with the looming Internet bandwidth crisis. Worldcast’s SMART Transport™ is the solution.

SMART Platform Products
This powerful platform, which includes a sophisticated bidirectional reporting mechanism, can be used as the backbone for transporting virtually any type of data, including high-definition video, through the use of existing Internet protocols and infrastructures.