For Media

Simply put, Worldcast technology distributes Media like no other. Worldcast has developed, and real world tested, patented point-to-multipoint Internet protocols which enable better than broadcast financial metrics for very large Internet audiences. Worldcast stood alone for many years, and has more experience with the multipoint Internet than any company on the planet.


Due to Worldcast’s reliance on proprietary multipoint technology. Worldcast’s live channels change faster. The company’s achieved it’s goal of duplicating the experience of television; inventing, patenting, and developing a SMART (p) system with multipoint Advanced Buffering Technology (ABT) distributions.


Worldcast technology saves bandwidth infinitely lowering operational costs of superstructure (private backbones). Porting it’s 5g wireless software to the ARM chip platform, the company has increased performance, while making infrastructure more affordable.


Worldcast’s technology runs on any point-to-point and point-to-multipoint infrastructure, and has been extensively tested by Lockheed Martin and Comcast Communications.


Worldcast’s software, and associated soft tools, provide formally unavailable resources to manage point-to-multipoint networks. With Worldcast’s software, the operators have reporting mechanisms to understand the health of their multipoint networks. Worldcast software is covered by three issued US Patents and one Provisional.

About us

Worldcast was created to bring mass media to the Internet. Worldcast has maintained that mass media on the Internet is technically impossible without multipoint communications technology.


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